• Small Plant Habitat
  • Large Plant Habitat
  • Giant Plant Habitat

The Plant Habitats are built to hold any dragon with the plant element in it. Each size holds a different amount of dragons and gold. For instance if you had a lvl 10 plant dragon that earns 111 gold a minute in a small plant habitat that only holds 200 gold, wen you come back in 10 minutes you will only have 200 gold to collect. Try to upgrade your habitats as high as they go.

Gold & Dragons:

Size of Habitat Dragons Held Gold Limit
Small Habitat 2 200d
Large Habitat 4 500d
Giant Habitat 5 50,000d

Cost & Sell:

Size of Habitat Buy price Sell Price
Small Habitat 100d 50d
Large Habitat 1,000d 500d
Giant Habitat 25 gems 10 gems

XP & Avalibility:

Size of Habitat XP Avalibility
Small Habitat 100 Level 1
Large Habitat 1,000 Level 7
Giant Habitat 2,500,000 Level 22

Build Time & Size:

Size of Habitat Build Time Size
Small Habitat 0 seconds 3x3
Large Habitat 2 hours 4x4
Giant Habitat 0 seconds 6x6