Avalible: lvl 1

Breedable: No

Possible Habitats: Plant Habitat

Buy: 100d

Sell: 50d

Incubation: 0 seconds

Hach: 15 seconds

Cash Reward:

Level of dragon Profit Earned at Level
level 1 17d
level 2 27d
level 3 37d
level 4 48d
level 5 58d
level 6 68d
level 7 78d
level 8 89d
level 9 100d
level 10 111d
level 11 120d
level 12 130d
level 13 142d
level 14 153d
level 15 162d
level 16 171d
level 17 181d
level 18 193d
level 19 206d
level 20 214d
Plant Dragon family

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