Avalible: lvl 2Edit

Breedable: NoEdit

Possible Habitats: Fire HabitatEdit

Buy: 75dEdit

Sell: 50dEdit

Incubation: 0 secondsEdit

Hatch: 5 minutesEdit

Cash Reward:Edit

Level of Dragon Profit Earned at Level
level 1 8d
level 2 12d
level 3 17d
level 4 21d
level 5 26d
level 6 30d
level 7 35d
level 8 39d
level 9 44d
level 10 48d
level 11 53d
level 12 57d
level 13 62d
level 14 67d
level 15 71d
level 16 75d
level 17 80d
level 18 85d
level 19 90d
level 20 94d

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